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GIFT Open Day on Corridor V and IV - Hungary

GIFT Open Day on Corridor V and Corridor IV - Hungary

GIFT - egy logisztikai stratégiai EU-s projekt eredményei és jelentősége  

May 27, 2014 Munkácsy M. str. 16 – Budapest


Partner project IFKA - Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd. for the Development of the Industry – will host Hungarian Open Day on project GIFT results on Corridor V and Corridor IV.


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GIFT Open Day on Corridor IV - Bulgaria

GIFT Open Day on Corridor IV - Bulgaria

Grand Hotel Primoretz Burgas, 25-26 June 2014  


Partner project BMA – Bulgarian Maritime Administration will host Bulgarian Open Day on project GIFT results on Corridor IV. The theme of the meeting is -




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GIFT Open Day on Corridor VII - Hungary

GIFT Open Day on Corridor VII - Hungary


June 5, 2014 Bácska Culture Palace, Baja, Szentháromság square 3


Hungarian Open Day on Corridor VII will be hosted by partner Baja Port  during the traditional VI. Grain Partnership Conference, in collaboration with INWAPO Project.


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Workshop: "Presentation of the Green Freight Transport Cluster"

“Presentation of the Green Freight Transport Cluster
Sofia, Bulgaria
16 December 2014


On 16 December 2014 a Workshop for the presentation of the Green Freight Transport Cluster was held in Best Western City Hotel in Sofia. The participants in the meeting were informed on the report of the work done within the Cluster. Mrs. Anna Natova, Director of European Union, International Relations and Projects Directorate at the Bulgarian Maritime Administration (BMA) gave an overview of the projects in which the BMA participated as a project partner and realized within the framework of the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. The workshop was a great opportunity to present the results and the activities performed within the project GIFT. The meeting was vey useful as a fruitful discussion for examining the ways for further cooperation took place.





GIFT National Open Day-Croatia

GIFT National Open Day - Croatia


May 14, 2014

 Conference Hall Concern Agram, City of Rijeka, Riva 8, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia



The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences of University of Zagreb invite Croatian freight transport stakeholders to join the project Info-Day in Rijeka. 

Project partners will describe GIFT actions, especially in relation to Corridor V.


Contact details to subscribe to the event: Sanja Kireta, e-mail: Click here for registration form.

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4th GIFT Project Meeting

4th GIFT Project Meeting and Steering Committee Meeting

& Validation Workshop


July 3rd, 2014

 Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari, Via Paolo Ferrari, 85 – Modena (ITA)



The 4th project meeting and the Steering Committee Meeting will be hosted by project partner Fondazione Democenter in Modena next Thursday July 3rd. The meeting will be an opportunity for partners to discuss progress of the project, in particular on the green freight transport tests done in the last months on corridors IV, V and VII. The afternoon session will be dedicated to the final workshop to validate Green Intermodal solutions assessed in the regional workshops held per corridor.

Click here to see the Agenda of the meeting.


5th GIFT Project Meeting

Green intermodal freight transportation: road map & future perspectives in South East Europe


A GIFT project dissemination event organised by Fondazione Democenter-Sipe

September 17th, 2014

Caffè Concerto, Piazza Grande, 26, Modena  (ITA)


The event will feature four Focus Groups designed to foster knowledge exchange and networking opportunities on the following main topics: Support co-modality, Business Innovation, Sustainability, Safety & Security. During the event experts and project partners will discuss the results achieved by the project during the last three years sharing their ideas, knowledge, skills and experience, with the goal to encourage an effective debate on these issues.

Six Ministries of Transport and Infrastructure, six Universities and Research Institutes, twelve Transport National and Regional Authorities, three Chambers of Commerce and many Logistics Associations and Transport & Terminal Operators will take part to this special event.

When interested, you are kindly invited to confirm your attendance sending an e-mail to:

The workshop day will be preceded on September 16th by a GIFT consortium official meeting (5th Project Meeting and Steering Committee Meeting).

Click here to see the Agenda of the meeting and the dissemination event.


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Road freight transport is the dominant mode of goods movement across the EU (with a share of 49%) as it represents a cost effective and flexible mode. Its dominance in South East Europe countries may also be attributed to the lower requirements for infrastructure, standards, and legal framework.

However, road transport exhibits significant weaknesses contributing to considerable CO2 emissions, accidents, increased noise level, road congestion and wear. According to the 2010 EU Transport statistics, the contribution of road transport to the GHG Emissions chart reaches 26% whereas according to the World Health Organization, road traffic accidents occupy the third position (23%) among the ten leading causes of mortality.

It is evident that in order to relieve the pressure on the roads, transport modes have to be combined so as to reduce congestion, environmental impact, improve safety, reduce economic impact (due to fatalities and environmental harm), while at the same time meet modern demands for reliability, speed and safety.

Over the last two decades, the EU supports this concept by promoting co-modality (mainly under the TEN-T program) as a means for safer and greener approach to freight transport. EU adopted also recently a comprehensive strategy (Transport 2050) for a competitive transport system that will increase mobility, remove major barriers in key areas, and reduce Europe's CO2 emissions in transport by 60% by 2050.


The main aim GIFT project is to map, analyze and evaluate the status of the transport sector in the SOUTH EAST EUROPE Regions and to propose new policies and strategies in infrastructure, processes, assets, ICT, legislation, norms and harmonization/ standardization issues, in order to promote innovative green intermodal freight transport corridors.

GIFT project will drill down in three Pan-European Transport Corridors, namely IV, V and VII that cover almost the entire SEE region. In order to fulfill the initial aim, GIFT consortium will map and assess the current status in terms of transport strategy, operations and policies of the three selected Corridors. Subsequently, based on the findings of our analysis, GIFT project will synthesize concrete and pragmatic proposals for the improvement of the current transport network and for relevant policies to promote green transport in the selected corridors. In order to assess the effectiveness of the proposals, GIFT project will develop a series of tools to test their green operation. The aim will be to assess the impact of the proposed improvements and policies in terms of trip duration, cost, risk, and CO2 emissions.

Innovative character

GIFT aims at defining an innovative and integrated roadmap for the development of efficient green transport corridors throughout the SEE region. GIFT offers three major innovative directions:

  • Identification of green corridors in the region and promotion of technical innovation.
  • Development of proposals for the establishment of regional authorities (i.e. Corridor Operation Agencies) that will be responsible for the corridors operational activities such as planning, monitoring & execution, customs clearance, marketing, training, as well as the issuing of green certificates.
  • Develop an ICT tool for intermodal trip planning that will support the minimization of environmental impact.


Consortium and Stakeholders


GIFT consortium represents a significant geographical area of the SEE region (i.e. Balkan region, Black Sea Region, Adriatic Region, Danube region) where freight transport is a dominant sector and key ingredient for the competitiveness of the region.

The structure of the GIFT partnership and the work plan ensures the vibrant involvement of all key relevant stakeholders and target groups. Stakeholders include main policy makers (i.e. Ministries of Transport from Greece and Albania, Executive Agency Maritime Administration- Bulgaria, etc), as well as key transportation operators (i.e. Luka Koper, TRAINOSE, Slovenian Railways, Port of Chioggia, etc).

Target groups include, Port Authorities, Freight forwarders, Logistics & transportation businesses & associations, Chambers of Commerce and industrial associations, SMEs and Large companies, Railway Associations, Operators of combined transport, Operators of rail or road transport, Operators of intermodal terminals and Operators of inland waterways transport.

The active involvement of stakeholders and target groups throughout the project has been foreseen and secured by the activities of the project.